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Adaptogen Bundle

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  • Fights stress
  • Balances mood
  • Provides an Increased Energy

  • Fights stress
  • Balances mood
  • Provides an Increased Energy

Product Details

Adaptogen Bundle: provides the needed energy, while balancing mood and fighting stress.

Use, Ingredients & Servings

  • Schisandra: or the five flavored berry, was cherished by Chinese royalty for its beauty and anti-aging qualities. Packed with antioxidants, including key vitamins C and E, Schisandra’s strong astringent qualities enable the skin to hold in moisture for more fullness.
  • Maca: powder is rich in vitamins such as B1, B2, C & E and also many beneficial nutrients that help boost energy and balance hormone levels. Both adaptogen and antioxidant, Maca is a natural source of healing nutrition.
  • Pine Pollen: contains vitamins A, B-Carotene, B1, B2, B3, B6, D, E and folic acid as well as many minerals. With a slightly sweet taste, pine pollen is great for immune health.
  • Astragalus: is a perennial flowering plant with a long history as a disease fighter and immune system booster. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, this adaptogen herb is hailed as a protector against stress and fatigue as well as famous for its amazing QI strengthening properties and healing benefits.
  • Ashwagadha:  is an important medicinal plant due to its pharmacodynamic properties. It has several beneficial effects such as balancing mood, increasing energy, reducing blood sugar levels etc.

FREE FROM: Caffeine, Sugar, GMO, Soy, Dairy, Gluten, Additives

SHELF LIFE: 6 months after opening the product as long as it is kept in a dry and cool space.

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• Shake or whisk into water, milk, juice
• Blend into smoothies or bowls
• Stir into oats, salad dressings or yogurts
• Add into your favorite baking recipes



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