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 Enhances focus & relaxation 
while stimulating your senses.
Supports the immune system & boosts metabolism (may aid in weight loss).
Amazing natural detox
for the body and skin.
Healthy source of caffeinated energy
without the jitters of coffee.

Matcha your life
Antioxidants Packed   |  Clean Green Energy   |   Relaxation
A little tin of happiness
Forget about Coffee Green is the new Black
Let's Be Happy!
Everything you need to know about Matcha by @Dani Spies
Our products are loved by certified nutritionists, health coaches & beauty gurus
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"Matcha morning to power through my day of studying"
"fueling up with my fave matcha latte for what I hope will be an absolutely EPIC week"
"Here’s to happiness + health "
"If you don't already know my love for matcha runs deep!"

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